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M32 Table Top Mincer



The Torrey M32 meat mincer is a well built table top meat mincing machine designed and produced for high volume production. Suitable for large butchers shops the M32 meat mincer has a large throughput capacity of 20kg/min.
The meat mincer has a cabinet and feedpan made from high grade stainless steel which is easy to clean and very resistant to corrosion. This allows the meat mincer to have a hygienic operation and a profesional presentation.
The M32 meat mincing machine comes with a choice of electric supply, eaither single phase or three phase. Both meat mincers comes as standard with a manual, plunger, deflector to prevent product spatter and a 5mm plate and four blade knife. Various different sized plates are avialable for the meat mincer and all can be purchased from this website or over the phone with our spares department.
The M32 meat mincing machine has a powerful 3HP drive motor which has a oil bathed steel gear transmission. The meat mincer requires minimal maintenance as there are no belts or pulleys that would usually need replacing during the life cycle of a meat mincer.
The meat mincer is extremely easy to clean, the practical meat mincing system and the feedpan can be completely disassembled in a few minutes without the use of tools. This helps reduce down time spent on cleaning and maintenance operations on the meat mincer.  The meat mincers feedpan is large and sturdy and without sharp corners or dirt traps again making it is extremely quick and easy to clean.
IF you like the look of the M32 meat mincer but would prefer a floor standing version then take a look at the M32-5 meat mincing machine, this is based on the M32 meat mincer but has a larger 5HP drive motor, a larger and deeper feedpan and fixed stand.

Technical Specification


Size 32

Meat Mincer External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram
Meat Mincer Throughput 20kg/min
Meat Mincer Motor 3HP
Meat Mincer Weight 160kg
Meat Mincer Material of Body stainles steel
Meat Mincer Material of Head  cast iron with dip tin pating
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