Block 12, Unit 5
Whiteside Industrial Estate
Bathgate, West Lothian
EH48 2RX
01506 635 061 

Brine Mixer SCBM – 900

The Suhner Brine mixing system dissolves salt, sugar, oils, gums and spices without any foam. All ingredients are easily loaded in the hopper. In a short time the ingredients are efficiently mixed and result perfectly homogenous and emulsified brine. The prepared brines remain mixed inside the tank thanks to the action of the pump that recirculates the brine and in the end transfers it to the injector or to the storage tank.


  • Construction made of stainless steel
  • 900 liter mixing tank
  • 40 liter hopper for additives
  • Bag holding arrangement by the hopper
  • Double door electrical panel
  • Thermostat
  • Mixing timer
  • Hinged half cover with handle
  • Efficient centrifugal pump
  • Manual valve for re- ciriculation or product transfer
  • Brine meter level
  • 5 adjustable feet

Technical details

  • Tank capacity:         900L
  • Pump power:           4HP, 25’000 L/h
  • Dissolving speed:    1800 L/h
  • Dimension:              1010mm x 1500mm x 2050mm


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