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Combination Oven RET 1600 Smoking, roasting and steam cooker


The Kerres RET 1600 combination oven, is capable of cooking and smoking products in a wide variety of ways. The RET 1600 combination oven can dry, smoke, dry cook, bake, cook, mature, ferment and shower products. The combination oven has a fully automatic control with modern microprocessor technology. The smoke generator is fully integrated into the combination oven, and with the Jet Smoke system the smoke emissions are reduced well below current standards.
Jet Smoke is a smoke circulation system, that reduces smoke emissions to the stationary levels, the smoke is constantly re-generated via the smoke generator. The advantage of this is that no fresh air enters the chamber and there is virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures a particularly environmentally friendly and economical operation in all processes.

Technical Specification



CS 1600

Dimensions WxDxH    1270 x 1120 x 1960mm
Power 21.4HP 16kW
Ham capacity (aprox.) 50
Fully auto controls Standard
Suitable for trolleys Standard
Showering function POA
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