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Combination Oven RET 1900 Smoking, roasting and steam cooker


The Kerres RET 1900 is a versatile system for the medium sized business. All of Kerres machinery have the following quality criteria that make your work easier:
• Constant quality at all operating stages
• User-friendly controls, maintenance and cleaning
• Robust stainless steel constructions
• Environmental-friendly and low noise operation
• Low energy consumption with the highest smoking quality
• High operational safety
• Technology with a guaranteed future
• Easy and fast to install
• Minimum required space
• Instruction manual in your national language



  • Drying, smoking, cooking, hot-air dry cooking,baking,showering
  • Suitable for smoke trucks/trolleys (floor passable)
  • Fully-automatic control with modern microprocessor technology user-friendly controls
  • Ready to plug in delivery
  • Great for sawdust smoke and liquid smoke
  • Integrated or separate smoke generation
  • Low loss of weight with the proven KERRES smoke-air circulation system
  • Showering function as standard


Technical Specification


CS 1900

Dimensions WxDxH    1370 x 1270 x 1960mm
Power 26HP 19.6kW
Ham capacity (aprox.) 70
Fully auto controls Standard
Suitable for trolleys Standard
Showering function POA
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