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Cretel Oannes 362 Skinner & Derinder



Versatile table-top models for the skinning and deriding of meat and poultry, designed for butcheries, supermarkets, catering, etc. It is ideal for small or medium-sized operations. The machine is equipped with handles to facilitate the handling and with a safe 24-volt foot switch.

The Oannes 362-series have been part of our product range for over 30 years. This completely reshaped table-top model keeps pace with the times and still uses the same well-tried concept to skin a wide spectrum of meat products.  A compact and solid stainless steel construction for efficient, reliable skinning with the highest yield.


Model 362SLM:

For the derinding of all kinds of Pork.

Model 362SKM:

With defatting roller for membrane skinning of Pork, Beef, Veal, Mutton, Game and Poultry.

Model 362FLP:

For the skinning of poultry.

Technical Specification

Skinning width 360mm
Throughput 20-40 pcs/min
Dimensions in cm 59x40x34 cm
Dimensions in in 23.2×15.7×13.4″
Weight 62 kg / 137 lbs
Electrical load 0.75 kW
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