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Cretel VA280 VA280+ Vaccum Packer


  • Table model
  • Full stainless steel concept
  • Deep-drawn vacuum chamber with round corners for optimal hygiene
  • Transparent lid
  • Easily removable wireless sealing bars
  • Insert plates for fast vacuum cycle and product adjustment

Packaging Functions

Vacuum: Optimal final vacuum 99,80% (2 mbar)

Sealing Functions 

Double seal
2 x 3.5 mm convex sealing wire for product remains elimination and strong hermetic seals
Cut-off seal (option)
1 x 3.5 mm convex sealing wire and
1 x 1.1 mm round cut-off wire for hygienic and attractive product presentation

Operational Control Functions

  • Time control (Command in seconds for vacuum and seal)

Support Control Functions

  • STOP button for partial/full cycle interruption
  • Digital maintenance program for pump
  • Automatic reminder for oil replacement
  • Service detection device

Technical Data

Model VA280 Model VA280+
Vacuum pump 004 m³/h 008 m³/h
Seal bar 280 mm x 1 280 mm x 2
Dimensions machine 450x330x295 mm 450x330x295 mm
Dimensions chamber 310x280x85 mm 310x280x85 mm
Chamber height 85 mm 85 mm
Weight 25 kg 30 kg


  •  Inclined plate for efficient packaging of liquid product
  •  Connection for external vacuuming maintenance
  •  Service kit for standard maintenance
  •  Trolley with shelves and castors

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