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Dicing machine Capacity 126


The Foodlogistik dicer (Capacity 126) is an industrial meat dicing machine that is delivered with an outfeed conveyor belt for dicing into tote bins, trays or feeding another conveyor belt for futher processing.
The Capacity 126 dicing machine features the 4 dimensional pre-compression which allows you to dice meat completely fresh to a standard comparable with a hand diced product.

The internal drive system of the meat dicer is over engineered with reinforced hydraulics which allows the meat dicing machine to cope with the hardest workload while giving unbelievable reliability.
Although this meat dicer is without doubt an industrial dicing machine, it is extremely easy to operate and very easy to clean – overall, a fantastic high throughput dicer for dicing fresh, tempered and cooked meat.

Technical Specification


Classic 126

Dicing throughput (Optimum conditions) 2200kg/h
Chamber length 530mm
Chamber cross section 126 x 126mm
Grid size 120 x 120mm
Cutting length 0-42 mm
Motor power 4.3kW
Dicer’s weight 430kg
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