Block 12, Unit 5
Whiteside Industrial Estate
Bathgate, West Lothian
EH48 2RX
01506 635 061 

Flavasava Meat Cookers Range


If you are currently cooking your meat products, for every 3 joints you cook you could be losing the equivalent of 1 joint through shrinkage. Cooking at low temperatures for longer periods of time with Flavasava ensures a minimum shrinkage and maximum quality product that has been cooked evenly throughout.

The added benefit of using cheap electricity (overnight for instance) through a time-clock facility means that Flavasava pays for itself very quickly, putting on, the user, in a position to make the most of your cooked meats a well as increasing your profits.

Technical Specification







Mount type Feet Stand Stand Stand
Ham capacity 4 6 10 20
Power 240V 13A 240V 13A 240V 13A 240V 13A
A 540 mm 720 mm 920 mm 1130 mm
B 670 mm 620 mm 610 mm 700 mm
C 570 mm 960 mm 960 mm 980 mm
D 440 mm 490 mm 690 mm 920 mm
E 440 mm 440 mm 440 mm 690 mm
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