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The automatic thermoforming machine VKF70 was conceived for heavy duty and integration in packaging lines of intermediate complexity, it expresses its potentialities also in the interaction with other elements (automatic dosing system, multihead, systems of automatic loading). It meets the packaging requirements of a medium-large company of food, medical products and consumer goods.
. Stainless steel structure aisi 304, brushless motor. Transportation of the plastic film with stainless steel pliers aisi 304, lifting system of sealing and forming moulds both mechanical and pneumatic or electrical. Control and management with touch screen 12” control panel. Tensioning system for pre-unwinding of the plastic film with dedicated pneumatic or electrical arm. You can obtain packages in plastic material both flexible and rigid, therefore linear and perimetric cuts (shaped). Advanced HMI with TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL (TQC) systems, synoptic system to check and monitor the required production standards; VACUUM PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS, total vacuum control system obtained on the machine. User applications: sealing, skin with or without edge, MAP and vacuum.


  • IP 66 Hygienic Design
  • Medium High Performance
  • Ideal for Medium/Large Company
  • 36 Month Guarantee
  • Tools free
  • Stainless Steel
  • User Friendly
  • Integration


Technical Data

Machine length From 5985 to 8985 with step of 600 mm
Machine width 1190 ÷1290
Machine height(luminous turret excluded) 1970 mm(±50 mm)
Loading area 960 ÷ 5400 mm
Loading area height 950 mm (±50 mm)
Machine weight (vacuum pump excluded) 1500÷2500 Kg
Control panel height 1500 mm (±50)
Lower film standard width 322 – 362 – 422 – 462 – 522 mm(+1mm)
Lower film special width 222÷522 mm (increments 5mm)
Feeding max. step 480 mm
Forming max. depth 200 mm
Film reel core diameter 3”(70 ÷ 76 mm)
Lower film reel max. diameter 500 mm
Upper film reel max. diameter 400 mm
Construction Stainless steel Aisi 304
Control/ command system PLC and Touch Screen 12”
Control/ command interface HMI Simatic Siemens – Window CE
Feeding system (Drive) Bushless Motor
Installed power 13-20 Kw- 440 V – 50/60Hz-3P+N+GND
Protection degree IP/ NEMA IP 66/ NEMA 4
Pneumatic feeding (average consumption) 1700 NI/ min
Electrical components Siemens, Toshiba, ABB, Sick, Phoenix Contact
Mechanical components Rossi Motoriduttori, Minimotor, Siemens, Iwis, SKF, Igus
Pneumatic components Festo, Parker
Vacuum system components Omal, Valvaut, Maros Engineering, Trelleborg


Protection capacity up to 21 cycles/min.
Application Sealing – Skin- MAP- Vacuum
Lower film for RIGID packages up to 800µmPET- PVC- PS- PP
Upper film for RIGID packages up to 450 µm
Lower film for FLEXIBLE packages up to 400µmPA- PP- Paper- Alu
Upper film for FLEXIBLE packages up to 200µmPA- PP- Paper- Alu- Tyvec- Skin



  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Gas Mixer
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Printer
  • Labeling Machine.
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