Block 12, Unit 5
Whiteside Industrial Estate
Bathgate, West Lothian
EH48 2RX
01506 635 061 

Frimaq Shrink Tank ACI


Build in stainless steel ASIS 304

CE Certification

Electrical Panel to be hung on the wall or in the tank itself

Controlled Shrink process by the belt speed

Water tank from 200 to 300 liters

Wheels for an easy portability

Waterwheel needed to prevent buoyancy of the products

Motorized belt


Working pressure 2-6 Bars

Inner Dimensions:

930 x 600 mm

Immersion height from 250 to 300 mm


Approx. 450 kg




Steam Heating Version


Minimal diameter of the inlet pipe 3/4″

Working pressure 2-4 Bars

Consumption 50-90 Kg/h

Compressed air

Pressure 4-8 Bars

Consumption 50 l /minute


Voltage 400V

3P Phases +N+Earth

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Maximum power: 4kW

Electricity Heating Version


Voltage 400V

3P Phases+N+Earth

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Maximal power 15 Kw

4x Heaters of 10 Kw

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