Block 12, Unit 5
Whiteside Industrial Estate
Bathgate, West Lothian
EH48 2RX
01506 635 061 

Frimaq VCC PLUS Belt Feed Vacuum Packers


Securities according to CE Standards

Pneumatic system SMC and FESTO

Stainless steel chassis ultimate design

Leveling feet of levels and height

Side doors for an easy access to maintenance

Motor-driven Conveyor belt by drummotor

Easy cleaning of the conveyor belt suitable for food products

Lip silicone gasket which closes the chamber automatically without pressure

Easy changing of the lid gasket without adhesives or tools

Compressed air consumption: 200 liters/minutes/6 bars of pressure

Maximum power: It depends on the pumps

Total weight without pumps about 2.500 kg



The machine can be installed on both sides, towards the left or the right side

Vacuum packaging machine of any type of product and any size

Adjustable screen

Vacuum by %, by time or both at the same time

10 programs for different packaging products

Vacuum by millibars, by time or both at the same time

Intermittent vacuum

Vacuum alarm not reached

Soft-air: Filling or soft blinking air

Shrinkable and non-shrinkable vacuum bags

Operating mode (manual)(semi-automatic) and (automatic)

Special sealing for products containing oil, blood, fat etc

Speed from 1 to 2,5 cycles/ minutes according to pumps and humidity – temperature of the product

Top sealing cord of 3 mm specially for fats, liquids, etc.



Complete Cutting

Partial Cutting

Pre-cutting of extra long bags

Cooling (only with aluminium bags)

Bi-active bottom sealing cord of 3 or 10 mm specially for fats, liquids, etc

Anti-blowing system in the bags

Trims collector by vacuum suction + compressed air

Trims collector just by compressed air

Independent loading band without module for robot

Independent loading band with module for robot

Enclosure into the lower side of the belt

Statistical data export

Cooling in the sealing

Spare parts kit

Bush Pump choice:

100 m³/h

160 m³/h

202 m³/h

250 m³/h

302 m³/h

400 m³/h

502 m³/h

630 m³/h


Roots Pump choice:

250 m³/h

500 m³/h

1000 m³/h

1500 m³/h

Hood Height choice:

Minimum: 150 mm

Maximum: 300 mm

Height of the sealing:

     Standard: 35 mm

     Option: 70 mm


Width between sealing bars choice:

    600 mm between sealings

     700 mm between sealings

     800 mm between sealings

     900 mm between sealings

     1000 mm between sealings

     1100 mm between sealings

Length of sealing bars choice:

Useful sealing 800 mm

Useful sealing 900 mm

Useful sealing 1000 mm

Useful sealing 1100 mm

Useful sealing 1200 mm

Useful sealing 1300 mm

Useful sealing 1400 mm

Useful sealing 1500 mm

Useful sealing 1600 mm

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