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Industrial Steam Cooker KK 2800



The Kerres KK 2800 industrial steam cooker is designed for preparing all kinds of food, with its fully automatic and particularly gentle steaming process.
The commercial steam cooker preserves the natural look and flavours of the food during the cooking process.
The KK2800 steam cooker comes with Kerres circulation technology with vertical reversing circulation to ensure the cooker maintains a consistent temperature distributed evenly around the entire cooking chamber.



  • Gentle micro-processor controll processes
  • Time and energy saving with high quality fibre glass upgraded insualtion
    high vapur density and very low weight loss with integrated steam generation
  • Approx. 30% shoter cooking times with the proven Kerres reversing circulation
  • The steam cooker is fitted as standard with a MAXI 1001 micro processor control. This control is programmable in many languages and could not be easier to use, simply choose the programme press start and away you go.
  • The steam cooker control is waterproof and washable and can store upto 97 programmes each with a maximum of 9 sequences.
  • The KK2800 steam cooker comes with the options to extended the chamber to fit more trolleys inside in one go.


Technical Specification





   Dimensions (WxDxH)

1580 x 1270 x 2800 mm

1580 x 2307 x 2800 mm


1 of 1010 x 1030 x 2020 mm

2 of 1010 x 1080 x 2020 mm


35HP 26.3kW

70hp 52.5kW

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