Block 12, Unit 5
Whiteside Industrial Estate
Bathgate, West Lothian
EH48 2RX
01506 635 061 


PSS M Microcutter Range


– The finest cutting and subsequent emulsifying of processed material
– Ensurance of continual process of fine cutting and emulsifying
– Preparation of structurally homogeneous mixture with excellent quality
– Low-placed hopper enables uncomplicated feeding of the machine
– Two levels of cutting and high cutting speed ensure very fast processing and required product quality achieving
– Smooth and rapid emptying
– Illustrative temperature recording of material by digital temperature sensor
– Simple and practical control by control buttons (more…)

PSS K 120 F High-Speed Cutter


– Fine cutting, mixing and emulsifying of any type of processed material
– Preparing of structurally homogenous mixture for making of fine-grained and coarse products
– Perfect quality of final product
– Uncomplicated and fast processing
– Required quality of final product achieved
– Lower machine noise and minimal mechanical wear
– Simple and smooth unloading by perfect unloading device

PSS K 50/80 F High Speed Cutter


– Fine cutting and perfect mixing of pre-cut material
– Fast preparation of fine-grinded and coarse-grinder products
– Excellent final product quality
– Lower noise level, minimal mechanical wear and easy knives assembly and replacement
– Excellent cutting results
– All control features are placed in the field of vision with easy access
– Electronic and moving machine parts are safely covered

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