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Metal Detector MN07


Mesutronic metal detectors are built to pick up the smallest of particles with the very latest in image phase technology. The metal detectors are trained to work with your specific product and different programs can be stored for multi product usage.
As each and every one of our customers requirements is different and their factory or processing plants are set up differently, Mesutronic has the ability to modify and adapt the metal detectors to suit your needs. The Mesutronic metal detector has the ability to store and transfer data for your quality management program. This can be put onto a USB storage pen, or linked directly to a computer.
These evaluation electronics determine the quality of the detection results and control all the device functions precisely and reliably. There are two variants of the electronics are currently available. Depending on the application and task, Mesutronic recommends either its high-end digital versions with colour touch screen display or digital version with graphic display and 4 button operation.
Both variants come with the following functions as standard:

  • Auto balance
  • Temperature compensation
  • Self monitoring
  • Multi-function noise filter
  • Product effect masking

These Mesutronic evaluation units fitted to the metal detectors form the basis of a trouble free and long term stable operation, even in harsh industrial environments. Mesutronic metal detectors and metal separators can be networked and controlled by a central PC via ethernet cable. A WLAN module is optionally available for wireless connection of the devices. The remote maintenance module ‘mesuREMOTE’ from Mesutronic allows professional support by the manufacturer. Any choice of user language can be programmed in.


  • Automatic calibration & product learning via the 5.7” touch screen
  • Industry leading detection levels through ‘image phase’ technology with multi frequency
  • Adjustable side guides
  • Blue plastic modular conveyor
  • Beacon&siren

Technical Specification


MN 07

Head size (WxH)    500 x 300mm (clearance 450×250)
Conveyor length 1500 mm
Conveyor material Blue plastic modular
MN 07 toch screen Standard
Beacon and siren Standard
Screen protection cover Standard
MM Ltd (multi frequency) Standard
Adjustable side guide Standard











  • 90 Degree pusher reject
  • Stainless steel reject bin & cover
  • Reduced conveyor radius (50mm): retail packs



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