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MW 52-120 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe MW52-120 mixer grinder is the ultimate in mincer grinders, with a massive 240lb hopper capacity, a 52 size head and a throughput of 1700kg/h in optimal conditions the MW52-120 is ideal for use in medium to large meat processors and supermarkets.
The MW52-120 mixer grinder comes with the option to add an outlet protection guard for mincing through plates with holes greater than 8mm. The mixer grinder is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is often to referred to as the ‘German Tank’ due to its weight and physical appearance.
The MW52-120 mixer grinder has been constructed to Kolbe’s usual high standards and finish and due to the precision geometry of the worm and head it ensures the best possible homogeneity particularly when mixing with herbs and spices etc.


Technical Specification


MWK 52-120

Plate size / cutting system 52  / Enterprise
Hopper capacity 120L (200-240lb approx.)
Throughput 2000kg/h
Drive worm power 10 HP 7.5kW
Feed worm power 1.5HP 1.1kW










Outlet protection (for mincing over 8mm)

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