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MWK 32-80 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe MWK32-80 mixer grinder is probably the best 32 sized mixer grinder on the market today. The mixer grinder is suitable for use in small to medium supermarkets and meat processors that wish to produce sausage mix or minced meat in batches up to 160lb.
The MWK32-80 is a high performance mincer grinder capable of producing 1100kg/h of product whilst ensuring gentle processing and a well displayed end product.The mixer grinder is made entirely from high quality stainless steel and comes with the choice of drive motor power, either 4kW or 5.5kW, depending on the customers requirements.
As with all Kolbe’s mixer grinders the MWK32-80 has been built to last and Kolbe prides itself with their ‘over engineered’ approach to manufacturing. The MW100 mixer grinder features ‘automatic reverse’ of the mixing arm. This enables fast and consistent mix of product while ensuring that virtually no product is left unmixed in the worm, this feature almost eliminates the need for putting that first few pound back in the hopper.
The mincer grinder comes as standard with a 4.5mm L&W plate and knife to suit, different sized plates are available.

The Kolbe MWK32-80 mixer grinder has the option of adding an outlet protection guard for an extra cost.


Technical Specification


MWK 32-80

Plate size / cutting system 32  / Enterprise
Hopper capacity 80L (130-160lb approx.)
Throughput 1100kg/h
Drive worm power 5.4 HP 4kW
Feed worm power 1HP 0.75kW









MW32-80 7.4HP 5.5kW

MWK32-80 5.4HP 4kW 1phase

Outlet protection (for mincing over 8mm)

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