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PSS UM Universal Mixers Range


– Effective mixing of raw and cooked pre-grind meat and mixing of mixtures and salads of various types
– Quality and tender mixing of processed material
– Preparation of mixtures with homogeneous structure and top quality
– Product with desired final structure is obtained thanks to practical and useful function of stirrers
– Uncomplicated unloading of mixed material and reduction of product residue in hopper
– Simple control by buttons placed in field of vision with easy access

MWK 32-45 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe MWK32-45 mixer grinder is the latest addition to the Kolbe range of mixer grinders. The MWK32-45 mincer grinder is the ideal solution for butchers producing small batches of sausage and burger meat. The mixer grinder comes complete with an L&W knife and 4.5mm mincing plate, with other sizes available to purchase direct from our website or by phone with our spare parts department. (more…)

MWK 32-80 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe MWK32-80 mixer grinder is probably the best 32 sized mixer grinder on the market today. The mixer grinder is suitable for use in small to medium supermarkets and meat processors that wish to produce sausage mix or minced meat in batches up to 160lb.
The MWK32-80 is a high performance mincer grinder capable of producing 1100kg/h of product whilst ensuring gentle processing and a well displayed end product. (more…)

AWM 56-240 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe AWM56 industrial mixer grinder is the largest in the Kolbe range.
The AWM56 is based on the AWM52 mixer grinder but features a 56 size head, larger main drive motor and greater throughput.
The mixer grinder has the same 220 litre hopper as the AWM52 which is capable of holding upto 200kg of product at any one time. (more…)

MW 52-120 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe MW52-120 mixer grinder is the ultimate in mincer grinders, with a massive 240lb hopper capacity, a 52 size head and a throughput of 1700kg/h in optimal conditions the MW52-120 is ideal for use in medium to large meat processors and supermarkets.
The MW52-120 mixer grinder comes with the option to add an outlet protection guard for mincing through plates with holes greater than 8mm. (more…)

AWM 52-240 Mixer Grinder


The Kolbe AWM52-240 mixer grinder is an industrial mixer grinder with a hopper capacity of 220 litres or approx. 200kgs of product.
The AWM52-240 mixer grinder is constructed to Kolbe’s high standards of engineering in quality stainless steel, and has be built to last. The mixer grinder is capable of a throughout of upto 3000kg/h at optimal conditions and dependent on product. (more…)

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