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Slicer MHS – IC 700/24


The IC 700/24 works using a fully intelligent operation for high yield slicing of bone -in and boneless products, last slice distribution, 75 adjustable programs, a choice of continual push slicing or step by step slicing and a variable speed blade for delicate products. The machine is built from stainless steel, is reliable and easy to clean.

Fitted with Sevro Drive system, slice thickness is accurate and machine maintenance is minimal. The IC700/24 can also be supplied with an out feed conveyor for portioning, pneumatic flap & gripper and ejector to help cut down on wasted time. (more…)

Slicer MHS-PCE 70-21 ES


The PCE 70-21ES incorporates the latest technology in high yield slicing at a speed of up to 440 slices per minute.

Fitted with the latest intelligent controls, the slicer offers a number of leading features to improve slice quality along with dramatically reducing waste. This can be achieved in two ways. Firstly the machine can be programmed for each product. In each programme the slice thickness throughout each slicing process can be adjusted up to six times. This means that the very first slice of each piece is controllable to give a perfect quality second slice. (more…)

Slicer MHS – PCE 70-21 KS


The MHS ‘KS’ range of slicing machines is designed for use in supermarkets and medium sized butchery businesses.
The PCE 70-21 KS slices at up to 440 slices per minute at 1 -32mm. Perfect results slicing bacon, lamb loins & pork chops fresh or chilled, bone-in or boneless down to -4°C. The machine is constructed from stainless steel and is driven electromechanically to give many years of hard work unbeatable reliability.

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