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Membrane Skinner 856PX


Solid industrial membrane Skinner that complies with all the strict requirements that the contemporary meat industry dictates. Strong hygienic and accurately built to ensure the highest possible yield. The machine is moreover equipped with a compressed air cleaning system with built in micro-filter. (more…)

Cretel Oannes 362 Skinner & Derinder



Versatile table-top models for the skinning and deriding of meat and poultry, designed for butcheries, supermarkets, catering, etc. It is ideal for small or medium-sized operations. The machine is equipped with handles to facilitate the handling and with a safe 24-volt foot switch.

The Oannes 362-series have been part of our product range for over 30 years. This completely reshaped table-top model keeps pace with the times and still uses the same well-tried concept to skin (more…)

Cretel 462A Derinder


Industrial automatic machine to derind pork. The cutting thickness can be adjusted to precision, even while in operation. The optimal distance between the pressure rollers and the blade is hence automatically controlled. Built to operate reliably and perfectly under the most demanding working conditions.
The in- and outfeed conveyor belts make the machine suitable for use in an industrial production line.

Cretel 562A Derinder


The 562A is an automatic machine for the derinding and membrane skinning of meat.
The machine is equipped with an in- and outfeed conveyor which is adjustable in height, so that it can be used in a production line. It has a knife beam that operates with compressed air. The knife beam is fully adjustable. The machine gives the possibility to derind thinner. The 562A has also a low energy consumption. The machine, including the bearing housing is made from stainless steel.


Cretel SB Skinner and Derinder Series


All-round skinning and derinding machines that excels in reliability and ease of operation. Our SB56 is specially made with an inclined infeed-table for the skinning of round materials such as hams. This series are supersafe machines, easy to service and maintain and built on sturdy stainless steel castors with brakes for extra mobility. The rational solution for the modern meat processing industry.


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