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Talsa Water Cooker REA505


The REA505 model in the Talsa range of water cookers is the largest water cooker we sell, with a capacity of 35 hams or 500 litres.
The water cooker is made to high specifications which all adhere the latest European standards. The water cooker is made from high quality stainless steel with adjustable feet for stabilisation and has intermediate thermal oil chamber with internal expansion chamber. The oil chamber is filled with Shell high performance thermal fluid and allows for a uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
The REA 500 water cooker benefits from the increased electric power which improves cooking time. The water cookers electronic control is made by Aditec and allows the operator to be precise with cooking temperatures and time, and the control can even be programmed for delayed start upto 99 hours ahead.
The water cooker is extremely easy to operate internally and externally with the internal chamber having round corners.



Technical Specification


REA 505

Ham capacity 30
Liters 505
Power 27kW 35A
A 1720 mm
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